Thursday, June 7, 2012

They call me caramello . . .


I just can't even start to explain how much I loved the place, it is a foodie's haven!

And what perfect timing my holiday to the Apple Isle was! Who watches MasterChef? I was thrilled to see the teams cooking up a storm at the Salamanca Markets the other night. What a shame I missed them in real life!

Bree and I had a fabulous morning at the markets - I bought lots of little local goodies - dessert dukkah and lime and coconut marmalade were two of my fave finds.

In amongst all the little alley ways and arcades, we found a gorgeous little providore that specialised in local produce. 

Cheeses, olives, pickles, jams . . . it went on and on.

I just loved their merchandising and the friendly staff who were hosting tastings. The smells coming out of that tiny shop were so inviting, how I'd love to run a similar shop in the Rads, celebrating the fabulous foods we have down here.

I picked up a jar of Bruny Island Cheese Company dulce de leche from a common ground, as a sneaky little indulgence.

And boy, it is GOOD (but oh so BAD!)

I felt like a sweet fix after dinner the other night (yes, I admit - it was while I was watching MasterChef on telly and was feeling nostalgic about Hobart!) so decided to crack open the little jar of naughtiness.

I had some leftover dried figs from my apple and pear pies the other night and thought they would go so wickedly well with the Tassie caramel and ice cream.

A kind of ice cream sundae for grown ups!


Um, the ice-cream was low-fat . . . does that make it okay!?


Anonymous said...

Kate, I love your descriptions of all the places you visited - makes me want to go again!
Feel free to open that Bakery any time ... x

Unknown said...

Ice-cream is always ok Kate! Now you have me pondering a holiday to Tassie...Victoria

Anonymous said...

MasterChef in Tasmania was so fab - I want to go even more now. Thanks for sharing your great pics.