Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dry July

I've taken the plunge.

I'm doing Dry July. And I'm scared!

No, I shouldn't be so dramatic. I've taken on this challenge for a number of reasons . . .
  • to see if I can actually do it! A month seems like such a long time . . .
  • for health reasons - time to get this engine house in tip top shape, my body is a temple blah blah blah
  • to raise money for a fabulous cause
My friends and family don't think I can do it. To quote one shocked friend "Have you gone mad?!" but then his lovely wife donated $1 a day to my efforts.

Miss Kimberlee has accepted the challenge too so we'll have to get creative with all sorts of yummy mocktails over the next month.

In all seriousness though, we are of a generation that over-indulges in fine food and wine (and on non-pay week, sometimes not-so-fine wine!) and I need to learn to enjoy things in moderation. Gosh, next I'll be filling my house with crystals and eating tofu! I think not.

But the big 'C' word - cancer - is a scary thought and becoming far too common in our day to day lives. If my fundraising can help make even the smallest difference in helping to tackle this problem, then I'm happy.

Anyway, I challenge you all to jump on the bandwagon and see if you can do it. It's a win/win - help yourself and help raise money for your local hospital's cancer research foundation.

And if you'd like to help me 'dry harder', feel free to donate to my efforts!


Brooke said...

Congratulations Kate, you are a brave lady! I did dry July two years ago, and the entire town thought I must have been pregnant. (I wasn't, but it took several months to convince the townsfolk of that!).

Kate said...

Thanks Brooke! I can imagine it would be hard in a small town . . . probably as hard as being a single city girl with a very active social life that revolves around pubs and dinner parties!!!

Amy! said...

Great work! I went dry for three weeks while detoxing about five years ago, and while it felt zingy and amazing, I also found:

Drunk people are so loud!
They tell the same stories over and over again!
They talk in your face sooo closely!

Of course, I don't do that while imbibing. Of course not...

Enjoy it! And enjoy feeling smug and and energetic on weekday mornings.

Gild and Grace said...

Oh Kate you can do it! I recently did a 3 month liver detox that meant no alcohol and I made it through just fine :) good luck!

Abbey x