Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm booked!

And I couldn't be happier. After so much deliberating over flights and dates and prices and locations and travel plans, I took the plunge and booked my trip to New Zealand in December.

The whole purpose of my trip is to celebrate the wedding of one of my favouritest people in the whole wide world.

Louise . . . oh and Cam (her fabulous fiance that I'm yet to meet!)
Lou was my bestie in London seven years ago. We lived together in a house of 10 randoms and then moved into the same room when we realised everyone else was weird. I even dated her brother for a wee while (gosh, I'm starting to talk like her already - which self-respecting Aussie says 'wee'?)!

We travelled together during our time abroad and ticked off many bucket list items that still make me smile - running of the bulls in Pamplona, Royal Ascot, Cartier International Polo, Sail Croatia . . . and far too many snakebites for anyone's good!

Lou is besties with Fern (whose wedding I helped celebrate in NZ two years ago) and they paid me a visit to the Rads in 2008, so we all share a very close bond.

I'm flying into Auckland where Fern will pick me up and we'll drive down the guts of the North Island to Manawatu where the wedding will be held.

I've got ten days of Summer holiday fun to look forward to and can't wait to catch up with the old London crew again - how times  have changed. I mean, Fern now has a baby! Can't wait to meet little Soph xx

Any tips for NZ would be appreciated . . . although I know I'm in good hands with Fern behind the wheel!

Here's to happy wedding planning Lou Lou x

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Gild and Grace said...

Oh how exciting Kate! So nice in the middle of winter to have some summer travel to look forward to :)

Abbey x