Friday, May 11, 2012

Who was your pick?

The inaugural winner of Thoroughbred Racing SA's Fashion at The Races competition was decided at SA Derby Day on the weekend.

Who do you think should've taken home the keys to the VW Polo?


Anonymous said...

I think it should have been someone from SA and not QLD!!! The girl who won was dressed by her grandmother and did not even choose her own outfit!! Dont really think that is fair to the other entrants!!!

TINA KENT said...

Awesome post!! I'm not a huge fan of the winners outfit but you know . . horses for courses . . .(would I win best pun of the day!?) Ricki Lee Hull or Tania Day . . . for what its worth they are my picks! A new Polo really . . .my friend Leah does country racing & she's lucky if she gets a salad bowl!! lovT

Kate said...

It's funny how competitive the whole thing gets, T! I guess it's a very personal choice in the end - there is judging criteria to give some guidelines, but you're right - horses for courses (yep, best pun there!).

I think it's great that South Australian racing is now on the radar of the nation and it's encouraging visitors from across the border to head our way. The Melbourne Cup Fashion on the Field isn't limited only to Victorian entrants, how embarrassing if they didn't let interstate visitors enter here! Time for the local girls to up the ante and step up to the fashion plate.