Thursday, February 28, 2013

Green is good

Having lunch with a very dear and very pregnant friend today and realised I hadn't shared pics from her gorgeous baby shower the other week.

It was so sweet, such a gorgeous afternoon on the lawn.

The food. A+

The company. Top notch

The games. Subtle (thank goodness!)

The setting. Perfect

The decorations. Divine (care of Bliss Events)

All the best BK x


Val said...

Oh! I love this! It's so simple and pretty and fresh-looking. Lovely! Your friend must have been so happy. :)

Kate said...

Beth has some very generous friends and a lovely sister who went to all the effort. I just made chicken sandwiches!

She had a very happy day and scored big time in the present department!

Val said...

That's wonderful. :) And "I just make chicken sandwiches" made me laugh. :) Like "I carried a watermelon." :)

Krystal said...

Thanks for the inspiration.

TINA KENT said...

This looks really pretty! I bet your chicken sandwiches were appreciated! Good luck for your friend w her new baby, I hope it's a sleeper!