Monday, February 18, 2013

hashtag happy

Yes, I'm a Gen Y-er but even I get lost in the maze of hashtag acronyms ruling the twittersphere.

Kids these days.

My new fave . . .


I looked at my friend Alice the other day when she used it in the context of talking about her upcoming holiday to Positano, Italy.

"Kate. Come with us! Yolo! "

What on earth could she mean?

"Um, Yolo? Year Of Living Opulently? I guess, I've got some spare spending money now that my US plans have changed, but TWO overseas trips in one year? That's a bit too opulent, I would've thought, Alice."

She laughed and congratulated my creativity, but went on to explain 'yolo' stands for 'you only live once'. Kind of the same thing, I guess!

I love the sentiment behind this, seize the day, carpe diem!

I try and live my life like I'm always on holidays - I stay up really late and try to squeeze as much as I can into each day. I play tourist in my own town and make lots of dates with friends to try new restaurants and bars. I'm a yes girl, count me in, I'm there.

What do you do to seize the day?


Flavs said...

Kate - have you seen the terriable song about YOLO? Its by The Lonely Island (feat. Adam Levine and Kendrick Lemar) (I googled).

I am not sure this is an acronym you want to be getting on board with....


Anonymous said...

Love it Kato! I'll try the #fomo angle next to get you to Positano... Alice xx

Kate said...

Oh Flavs, I haven't heard it! Don't tell me I'm endorsing something that's totes inappropes!? Will have to google it myself.

Acey - I'm all over the #fomo. Check my bank balance every day to see if I can make it work!


Anonymous said...

live life to the full, Kate!

Kate said...

#lovemeahashtag Anonymous!

Lill said...

discovered 'yolo' last week when my friend encouraged me to eat a pie at 8.50am on a Sunday because I was hungover. #notonboard

TINA KENT said...

Oh no!! I clearly don't get out enough! I've never heard of Yolo or fomo! Truth is I've only just worked out ROFL and LMAO and I never know if Lol is laughing or lots of love!? Maybe there's an app for this stuff!! I do love your attitude though Kate.