Friday, February 15, 2013

Up up and away

Happy happy 30th birthday to my oldest and dearest friend Lill.

I think this year clocks up nearly 20 years of friendship and like a good bottle of wine, it keeps getting better and better with age!

Thought you'd love this 30th birthday celebration idea - it's so cute! I would've loved to have done this for you at Wye River this weekend but a blog post will have to suffice . . .

The helium balloons above (all 30 of them) carried a message from a group of the birthday girl's friends. 

The girls all got together to celebrate Suzanne's special day and released the balloons into the world to bring happiness and joy to the people who found them tangled in a tree in their backyard or perhaps caught in a bush at the local playground.

Remember doing this as a child? Bless!

A visually much prettier version than a message in a bottle. I love it!

Read more about it here . . .

Have a great weekend Lill and I look forward to some Melbourne magic with you next weekend x

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