Monday, June 15, 2009

Eat Wild. It's Thyme

Something I love about visiting BK and Lill in Melbourne is the sense of occasion that goes with having breakfast out and about. There's something so special and indulgent about it - who could ever face Weetbix on the weekends when there are heavenly poached eggs and breakfast trifles on offer!?!?

I'll do a blog soon on my favourite breakfast haunts around town (and across the border), but thought I'd just give you a sneak peak into one of my new little discoveries.

Wild Thyme is organic market cross cafe cross escape from the outside world. Just walking through the doors is an uplifting experience and you automatically feel like you're breathing in pure air or something!

I was tickled pink to be dining out with my dear friend Kate on this cold Winter's day. Kate has just announced she's upping stumps and moving to Canberra (insert sob). All my friends are jumping ship! Anyway, Kate's a go getter and I wish her all the best in the Capital. Couldn't be happier for her.
So, we had a kind of final supper over eggs and mint tea. I ordered poached eggs with Wild Thyme beans - ah-mazing. They were the most delicious baked beans I'd ever had. And those eggs! Bright yellow and full of flavour. Then we wandered through the market, discovering all sorts of organic treats.
The cafe and market is just gorgeous - lots of cute little quotes on the walls, extensive menus, friendly staff and oodles of pre-made goodies to package up for home. It's a really sustainable approach - a feel good dining experience that weighs light on your conscience!
Next time Kate flies in from the Roundabout City, I'm dragging her out for the spinach roulade . . . oh, and the dairy free brownie. Do you think because it's 'organic', it's good for me!??!

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