Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eee-eye ee-eye ooh!

I was over visiting White and Wander this evening, catching up on all the goss in Emma's life and was completely thrilled and surprised to find out she's jet-setted across the world to visit her sister Lucy in France. Oh, what a life!
Once I was over the shock and extreme pangs of jealousy, I was excited by her recent little piece of blog love for the Barn House. What a gorgeous find! I am obsessed with this place (yes, it's taken me all of 7 minutes to develop this obsession) - best described as an eclectic mix of vintage chic where nothing matches but everything fits. Basically (from what I can gather), it's a huge big old barn in Washington that only opens a few times a year for flea markets and season sales. Can you imagine counting down the sleeps til the wooden doors opened? You'd be beside yourself waiting to see what the boys had collected in between seasons.
I would love to have something like this one day - it's no secret I'm a try hard country girl, so I'd love a project where I could incorporate the charm of the bush, the style of city living and the flavour of mum's kitchen. One big open house where people could pop in and read a mag by the open fire, nibble on some local cheese and catch up with friends. Hmm, perhaps in the Clare Valley? No, the Adelaide Hills - closer to town and better for sauv blanc!
In the meantime, I'll let the Barn Boys do all the hard work and stick to my day job! Great find Emma, hope you have fun in La Belle France!
PS. Oh, and what about that cake in the first pic? Ah-mazing!


Kimberlee said...

Kate, I think we need to run away and live in the country! x

Sarah said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded your blog the 'One Lovely Blog' award!

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