Monday, June 15, 2009

The Passionate Foodie

Bree and I hit the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Markets last weekend. Love. We did about four laps of the place, stopping at a different stall each time, falling for some delightfully fresh and colourful addition to our baskets with every slow step. Such a gorgeous start to a Sunday.

I walked away with a very heavy bag of goodies - lemon curd tart for my mum, all sorts of goodies for my retro crockpot creations, bunches of fresh herbs, the Sunday Mail and some candied balsamic. Candied balsamic? YUM!

Walking down one of the aisles, we had to push for some room at the oh so popular Passionate Foodie stand. What was all the fuss about, we wondered? Then we spotted the samples of salt and pepper squid and turkish bread with a sweet, sticky balsamic. That explained the hysteria! Bree then realised the guy behind the desk was Adam, the caterer from her gorgeous wedding at Glen Ewin Estate. GORGEOUS food, this guy CAN cook! And now he's set up a little gourmet food business - The Passionate Foodie. Yum, check it out! Awesome presents for interstate guests or the Mums who have everything.

And that candied balsamic? Heavenly!

All pics from The Passionate Foodie

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