Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Petite party treats

1. A posh version of the ever crowd pleasing wedges with sour cream
2. It's an Aussie backyard party, so how could we go past a meat pie?

3. I love trendy takes on old time favourites

4. Our caterer at work does these and lightly fries them before serving. Heavenly

5. Tandoori cups make for lots of fun

6. Spinach pies are a good option for those vegos out there

7. A new take on duck pancakes - thank you Mr Oliver!

8. Yum

Before the big wedding, we've got the big engagement for Michelle and Pete and I've been dobbed in to help out with the food. Very exciting, we have a gorgeous theme to work with and I'm lucky to have the creativity of my fellow bridesmaids to inspire me - I just hope I live up to the standards!
'BK' lives in Melbourne and is the most innovative and spontaneous cook I've ever come across. She puts the kids from Masterchef to shame - the invention game is her nightly challenge!
Kelly hails from the bush and is the living definition of 'hostess with the mostest', one of these girls whose pantry is always stocked with Maggie Beer treats and home-made sausage rolls.
So the bar has been raised! Long gone are those uni days when we thought tzatziki and toasted pita was the height of gourmet cuisine!
How do any of these sit with you? Remember, it's an indoor/outdoor party at home, it's Winter in Australia and the invites were gorgeous orange and chocolate with pretty ribbon and polka dots. Think Martha Stewart meets Donna Hay!
  1. Salt and pepper crusted baby baked potatoes - dont' these just look adorable? Bite size explosions of winter warmth. And the blokes will love them - grown up versions of potato wedges with sour cream.
  2. Lamb and mint meat pies - these could be perfect . . . if I could make them earlier and freeze them for simple reheating. Always love a funky take on an old favourite.
  3. Basil and feta red-hots - just the name has me hooked! I love those little bake at home rolls, and these would be a hit with the boys.
  4. Asparagus and prosciutto bundles - these look great on a big white platter and are good either hot or cold.
  5. Tandoori chicken curry cups - love these, they not only look good but they're easy to plate up and taste amazing. I have been warned though (thanks Kristabel!) that they can get soggy very quickly, so would be all hands on deck to get these babies out stat!
  6. Spinach and feta quiches - always a winner and a vegie option that's not too 'out there' for the meat eaters amongst us.
  7. Turkey salad pancakes - an interesting spin on peking duck pancakes. I'm obessed with the duck variety (hello Luv-A-Duck!) so these could be a cheaper option? Would be awesome to have a DIY pancake bar set up so people could make their own - would save so much time!
  8. Fig and prosciutto crostini - something about figs has me completely captivated lately. This could easily be modified to go onto blinis with goats cheese spread, or mini bagels even. Yum!
So, let me know what you think - I've got a reputation to uphold!


Gabrielle said...

I also love food love entertaining and the colour pink. I am destined to love your blog, its just logical. :) we can inspire each other.

Gabrielle said...

oh and peaking duck pancakes are amazing! would you still do the hoisin sauce spring onion and cucumber in the pancakes?

Kimberlee said...

ok, any way I can get myself an invite???? DELICIOUS!! x