Monday, July 19, 2010

Date with design

What a fabulous weekend I just had!
I was completely spoilt in the company of the fabulous Kim and Emma on Saturday when they popped over to my little place for a working bee.
The deal was, their creative input in return for a hearty meal.
Sure, the corn fritters were good (if I do say so myself!) but I think I was the one who got the better end of the deal.
Oh what fun we had!
First stop was Hindmarsh Disposals on Port Road. If it wasn't for Emma's enthusiasm and vision, I'm sure Kim and I would've turned around and run from the place - what greeted us were aisles and aisles of . . . well, junk.
Emma steered us through the massive warehouse, opening our eyes to the treasures before us.
Oh, to have her vision!

Next stop was a little upholsterer on Marion Road. Nothing really took our fancy (or fit within my budget, to be more precise!) until Kim spotted a gorgeous bamboo bedhead in the op shop next door.

The 'closed' sign on the door was no issue to dear Emma. Armed with a Mary Poppins bag of tricks, she pulls out a tape measure and starts measuring up the bedhead for my own room - from the outside of the shop!

Ladies, perseverence (and a sweet smile) always pays off as the door was quickly opened by the shop owner who appreciated our efforts to analyse this piece of furniture. Emma saw potential in the bamboo bedhead that I would've otherwise considered quite grandma like, but $45 later, I was convinced otherwise.

"Bargain", they asssured me.

"Imagine it in yellow or green against your navy and white quilt cover."

I'm sold.

Once we got home from our junk travels, Emma set to work on my cluster wall - something I've been wanting to do for ages.

Now, I don't have an eye for this type of thing but watching Emma at work was like poetry in motion - everything she did was perfect, with no effort at all - just natural talent!

She did a fabo job with the cluster wall and has left room for it to grow. I really want a painting of a vase of flowers, and would love an armchair picture.

"It will evolve," the design gurus Kim and Emma assure me.

Thank you Ikea, you've done me proud with those frames!

A collection of etsy purchases, Portabello Road finds, antique shop treasures, reminders of my travels and hand-me-downs from my Granny.

We did very well at Hindmarsh, coming away with two lamp bases (the one on the left we plan to paint), one lamp shade (very kitch but cool raw silk), one gold frame, one chipped glass vase, one bedside table and a rustic and 'very Emma' nautical rope and pulley.

Oh, and one very cool pink 'pleather' cushion.

Note the very cool bedhead in the background - I'll spare you the drama of trying to fit it in the car. Let's just say I'm surprised my Dad and I are still talking!
(Yep, I'm 27 and still not trusted with the family car!)

Thank you so much to the darling Kim and Emma for babysitting me all day - their patience with my amateur appreciation of all things 'style' was endless and I'm so grateful for their interest in my little project.

Can't wait for the next chapter in our 'date with design'



Emma said...

You are too kind my dear! It was a blast and will do it all again in a heartbeat...

Went back and bought that ginormous fake stone plinth today! I love it so much even though it doesn't fit inside any doorways... hehe!

Kimberlee said...

oh my goodness - it was SO MUCH FUN! If only I wasn't doing this stupid tax course on the weekend (ZZZZ....) I would be begging to do it all over again! You can always count on me to come and eat copious amounts of food and drink beautiful bubbles - thank you so much lovely. And the cluster wall is fab, can't wait to watch as you add to it.

Emma - can't believe you went back and bought that stinking plinth!?! (no doubt i'll be begging to borrow it in time to come, but seriously?!!....)

Kate said...

The plinth! Good work! I am so impressed, how fabulous in your sitting room with a beautiful jug of flowers on it. Or a piece of glass artwork from the Jam Factory. Or a pulley and rope, even!

Kimberlee said...