Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunshine Award

I was tickled pink to receive a Sunshine Award from Letitia at The White Shed over the weekend.

Time to bare all and give you all a little insight into my life . . .

  1. I was picked in Farmer Jon's top ten in the first season of Farmer Wants a Wife and was supposed to fly to Sydney for filming, but had to turn it down because I'd accepted a new job at a law firm. Three years on and I'm still single and no longer in that job . . . wrong decision, maybe!?!?

  2. I rolled my car on a dirt road three years ago, following my (then) boyfriend along a back road in the Barossa Valley. Wrote it off and have had a fear of sliding ever since.

  3. I'm a meat snob. My dad worked in the meat industry for more than 35 years and owned his own wholesale business, meaning we got the pick of the best meat going around. Minute steak is a swear word in our house. Give me a thick porterhouse, medium rare, and I'm all yours! (Apologies to any vegetarians out there!)

  4. Pic found by Kimbo

  5. My three best friends all live interstate. Am starting to get a complex that I smell or something! Thank goodness for Michelle, I think she's staying put (fingers crossed!). Love her guts x

  6. I've always wanted to run through cornfields, like the kids in Forest Gump (minus the scary dad, thanks!)

  7. I love tuna mornay. Nothing beats my Mum's basic, so simple version. Start with a roux, add tuna and corn, top with breadcrumbs and cheese and stick under the griller. So not sophisticated, but I love it with hot buttered toast.

  8. Dad and me with the sacred Ashes at Lord's, London in 2005

  9. My dream job is to be the Media & Communications Manager for the Australian Cricket Team on an Ashes tour of England. Each of my last three bosses have laughed when I've told them that in my job interviews! One day . . .

  10. I'm scared of birds. Bree had to find a new housesitter when I refused to collect the eggs from the chook yard. They just flap, and peck and ergh, scare the life out of me!

So there you have it, some random facts about moi. Time to pass on the baton to . . . Lindsey at All Things Bright And Beautiful. Looking forward to her colourful insight!


Life in the Country Lane said...

What an interesting read Kate...I'm off to Letitia's for her winter shopping evening tomorrow night!! I sympathise as I'm scared of birds too after being attacked by a rooster when I was young(grew up on a poultry farm so there were thousands of chickens)but its the flapping that gets me every time!!Hold onto your dream job..its never far away. Have a good weekend.
Rebecca x

Emma said...

You are hilarious!!! I love your big dreams ... you will be there one day darling, I can feel it in my waters xxx