Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ta da!

Inspiration for my very own blackboard door in my kitchen, thanks to the great vision of Letitia from The White Shed.

Who would've thought that a simple coat of paint could inspire so much creativity and fun in the kitchen!?

It sounded so simple . . .

But five minutes in, I was exhausted, bored and second guessing my decision!

However, I persevered and after two coats and a near fainting incident (my first run in with turps, ergh!), I had a gorgeous, slick glossy blackboard.

Now, what to put on it?
Lucky for me, the gorgeous Emma and Kim 'white and wandered' their way over to my place on the weekend to inject some creativity into my little project.
Emma risked split nails and grazed knuckles to prep the board with an initial coat of chalk - breaking in the board to give it a weathered look. She knows her stuff, this one!
While Kim and I washed down our brunch with some early morning bubbles (it's never too early to drink sparkling!) Emma toiled away in the cold laundry/kitchen doorway and completely delivered on the most charming little illustration you could imagine. It's gorgeous!

The books are those featured on my own coffee table, and the cute little frames play home to some postcards I bought in Paris.

And that quote? Gorge!
The pic is complete with vase of flowers and bucket of wood, evoking a real sense of 'home' and comfort. Can't wait to use it as a gallery for cards, invites and photos.
It was such a lovely start to a perfect day - stay tuned for more pics of our junk adventures.
In the meantime, have a sneak peek here - Kimbo got the best pic of Emma at work!

Thank you, my lovelies!


Letitia Linke said...

Kate it looks fantastic! I cant wait to see what you else you have come across! xx

Emma said...

Note to self... haircut and proper outfit next time I am photographed decorating!!! Heheh... had SO much fun bella, was buzzing all evening!

Now, I have also found the correct quote - you may have to update so we don't get slapped with fines... 'In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

Beautiful, isn't it xx

Kelly Green said...

Well done, love it - a good days work! (well even if you were sipping bubbles some of the time!)KG

Kimberlee said...

can we do it again this weekend? huh, huh, can we, can we? - especially seeing my bit was so hard - eating, drinking, handing out aquim for hands after lifting dirty old things to find treasures!! x