Thursday, January 27, 2011

A type of Mess I'm happy to clean up!

The fabulous Emma came over for dins last week and I thought it the perfect excuse to put together one of my favourite comfort dishes - Eton Mess.

I had a pomegranate in the fridge I was desperate to use, and I remembered a Nigella Lawson take on the traditional English dessert she tried a while back.

Time poor and lazy, I bought some pavolva nests from Woolies and smashed them up with whipped cream and pomegranate juice. I then piled the mess high and topped with delectable pomegrante jewels, splattering the bowls with juice as I took out my week's frustrations on the pomegranate with a wooden spoon! (NB. Do not wear white shorts during this workout!)

Easy peasy, and sooooo good (but oh so bad - sorry Emma, I know I promised you Weight Watcher's friendly dinner!).

What a perfectly pink dessert (on top of my perfectly pink early birthday present from JB - thanks darling girl! Loving my new glossy pink wicker {is it wicker?} bookshelf x bedside table)


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