Friday, January 21, 2011

Eat lamb on Australia Day

My Dad owned a meat wholesale business so I grew up on an indulgent diet of a-grade red meat.

You could say that I'm a meat snob, but I believe I've owned up to this before so no guilt here.

Each year, I look forward to Sam Kekovich's address to the nation.

To those non-AFL fans or friends abroad, Sam Kekovich was a football player back in the day and has earned himself a reputation as a straight talking, no nonsense Aussie larrikin.

Most recently, he's been used as an ambassador for lamb - or a 'Lambassador'.

Each Australia Day, Sam fronts a campaign for Meat and Livestock Australia, encouraging all Aussies to embrace their Australianism and eat red meat. This is his seventh year shocking the public with his politically incorrect views and vegetarian taunts, but I love him!

Form an opionion as you will but I know one thing - I had a smile on my face when I picked up some lamb cutlets from the shops tonight.

'Don't be un-Australian . . . eat lamb on Australia Day. You know it makes sense!'
Nice one, Sam.

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