Thursday, January 20, 2011

A welly good time

I headed on down to Penola last week for the highly anticipated Coonawarra Vignerons' Cup.
It's one of the Limestone Coast's most popular race days - full of good food, wine and of course the style associated with country racing.
Unfortunately, the weather gods weren't smiling on us (nor the rest of the country at the moment!) and we were met with torrential rain for hours on end on the day of the event.
The day was called off after four races . . . and despite my efforts to hide under a green Coopers poncho, I looked like I'd spent the day swimming in the Brisbane floods.
Stylish? I think not.
I had borrowed a jumpsuit from a friend for the occasion and opted for gold flat sandals - reasoning with myself that flats were a much safer option than heels in the conditions.
Bad decision - my beautiful new Witchery plaited thongs were trashed as I was ankle deep in mud all day. The jumpsuit dragged in puddles and my fabulously straight hair electrified in the rain and curled like macaroni before I had time to even reach the gate of the racecourse.
Let's not start on my fringe.

So it got me thinking about the need to dress for the elements.
And how perfect would've a pair of wellies been? I've fallen in love with the striped pair from Joules above and know I would've been able to maintain a certain level of style if I'd followed the lead of Kate Moss and dressed for the occasion.
She's written the script when it comes to wellies at social outings and if they're good enough for her, then they're good enough for me!

Love the Hunter pairs above - would be a treat at a country race meet, complete with tartan, flock of sheep and obligatory glass of bubbles.
There's nothing like a day at the races.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darl,
You would LOVE the Chanel Gumboots, they are stunning!
Google Chanel Camellia Gumboots, I considered buying them for Melbourne Winter, then I saw the price :(
Back home on Saturday, can't wait to catch up. Bree xxxxx

Kate said...

If anyone can warm up a Melbourne winter, it's you Miss Bree! We all love a bit of Chanel . . . and with someone's birthday coming up, surely you deserve to be spoiled!