Monday, December 17, 2012

Around the world in 80 plates

 Like any good holiday, my recent trip to New Zealand was full of ah-mazing food discoveries.

Here are some of my faves . . .

Bluebird chips with onion dip (I ate a whole bowl to myself at the wedding recovery BBQ. Enough said.)

The best nibbles plate ever including homemade guacamole, smoked chicken, smoked salmon fillet, grilled haloumi with pickled red onions and yes . . . more onion dip.

Matched with Martinborough's finest whites.

Grazing platter at Poppies Winery

Hello dolmades and grilled courgettes and capsicums (gosh, I'm even speaking like the Kiwis now. I mean, zucchinis, not courgettes)

Beautiful Pinot Gris.

An ah-mazing feast at Shed 5 in Wellington. My camera carked it so I didn't get a pic of my fish and chips but it was GOOD.

And I just wanted to order "fush and chups" while I was over there. Small pleasures.

Fern had the cannelloni (and Sophie the banana)

Bridal brunch at Elk Cafe in Palmy.

The kumura (ahem, I mean sweet potato) mash was TDF. With poached egg, hollandaise and bacon.

Oh yes, definitely necessary to line the stomach before a big day.

Isn't that right, Lou?

Oh how I love food travels around the world!

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