Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make me a match

It's happening again . . .

"Kate, write a list otherwise I won't know what to get you!"

Remember my birthday instructions for dear old Susie Q? Well, she did well and I ticked a few things off my carefully curated list.

And now it's Christmas and I'm kind of stuck for inspiration.

Until, that is, I got an email from Matchbook magazine last week announcing the launch of its boutique.

 Ah-mazing is an understatement.

I'd be happy with one of everything, oh to live such a charmed life!

Shop for yourself here . . .

PS. And Mum - in case you're still hunting for inspiration, there are some options left on my birthday list that are yet to be ticked off, namely my Longchamp, coffee machine and frying pan (hint hint) xo

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