Friday, December 28, 2012

In the Abbey

Do you just LOVE Downton Abbey as much as me?

Mum got the third season disc set for Christmas and we watched five episodes back to back on Boxing Day.

It's got everything - English class, stunning fashion, American confidence (hello Shirley MacLaine!), love, loss and beautiful sceneries.

Be warned - have the tissues at the ready!


Kate said...

Yet to watch Downton Abbey. You have me hooked on Hart of Dixie though - what a great series. Love it! Hope you are well xx

Rob & Lindsey said...

I need a new show, and I've thought about this one… Maybe you've convinced me! I just caught up on Homeland and Parenthood- both are SO good!

Kate said...

Isn't Lemon just the best, Kate? It scares me that I see bits of myself in her!

Downton Abbey is a must though, I absolutely love it.

Lindsey - I LOVE Parenthood! I saw the first season of Homeland but haven't got into the second. Are you a fan of Once Upon A Time? I think it is so clever, I adore it.