Thursday, June 3, 2010

80 and fabulous

The guest of honour . . . my gorgeous Granny

Sam, me, Mum and Grandpa

Thank goodness for the Tupperware piping bag!

Here's to a colourful life . . . and lots more memories to come!
My gorgeous Granny recently celebrated her 80th birthday and we marked the occasion with a high tea at a local art gallery. It was such a special day, so lovely to have all her friends and family together.
She's a card, my Granny. Her speech was beautiful - heartfelt and touching, then she threw in the funniest line: "Now, please, there's only one thing I ask of you all, and that's to not talk about your ailments and illness, nor the funerals you've been to. This is a happy occasion and I want you to all be positive!"
Bless, it was the cutest thing ever!
Then, after a few glasses of Bird in Hand, Granny whispers in my ear "See that man over there? Mr 'X'? Well, I went to a party with him once . . . and came home with your grandfather!"
Pure gold!
I only hope I'm as happy and healthy as my Granny at her age. Here's to many more fun years ahead!

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Gabrielle said...

i had my high tea hens party there! so lovely. Love the gold chairs and gold cutlery.