Sunday, June 27, 2010

Going to the chapel . . . or boathouse even!

Who doesn't love a wedding? I'm obsessed with them, love them, dream about them non stop. Just call me Katherine Heigl (we've already played this game, sometime last year I think!).

Well, I was completely touched to be included in the nuptials of two gorgeous people, JC and Schhhpinks and spent a lovely day with them on Saturday to celebrate their marriage.

The rain held off and we were able to walk along the Torrens from the Intercontinental where we got ready, towards Jolley's Boathouse for the beautiful ceremony and stunning reception. JC and her man walked down the aisle together which was a beautiful touch to the day - it was loveloy for them to be able to spend the day together and build up the excitement as a couple completely besotted in each other.

More pics to follow - can't wait to show you the ah-mazing dessert buffet. Did someone say salted caramel and chocolate mousse wedding cake?!

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