Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blackboard beauty

If only I had the guts to do something as drastic as this and paint all the cupboards!

Letitia's inspiration for my kitchen door. Love the way the door provides a self-frame for the blackboard.

This one is most like what I'm going for - my door too leads from the kitchen to the laundry. If only I had a glass panel in it though. Am tossing up whether I paint just a section of the door, or go the whole hog and paint the door completely. It could look kind of cool to hang a frame around a large square of paint?

I am giddy over how much I love this pic. That floral chair and gorgeous polka dot shopping trolley. Too much, I love it! Oh yes, and great blackboard panel - the white door frame and skirting board really helps it stand out.

This is a good option - maybe I could paint a separate panel of wood and then hang that up on the door?

Wow, what an impact!
I'm still on Cloud Nine after my brainstorming session with Letitia from The White Shed on Friday night. One of her fabulous ideas was the paint the plain old door in my kitchen with blackboard paint.
What a fab idea! I've been hunting for examples all night to help me decide whether to paint a small section or throw caution to the wind and paint the entire thing.
I think I'll take the plunge and do it all. Why not? It's a talking point, if nothing else! And with a new housemate moving in, it'll be an easy way to stay in touch, write lists, recipes and important phone numbers and dates.
I just need to work out where to buy it from now. Any ideas? Perhaps Lincraft?
Pics from here, here, here and here.


Letitia Linke said...

Kate, paint the whole door! Your door frame will create a frame around the door! If you decide you want to break it up, I have an old ornate frame of mine you could paint white and attach to the door later!! Try a local hardware store for the paint or a paint shop. Can't wait to see what it looks like.

JMay said...

I painted the door in our kitchen and the door frame made it look great. Make sure to pick up magnetic chalkboard paint as well :-)

Good luck!