Monday, June 7, 2010

Gathering momentum

It's all happening and I'm excited! I had my first potential new housemate come to look at my place tonight, she was lovely, I think she could be a winner. It's hard from a 10 minute meet and greet to work out if the person standing in front of you is the person you want to share your home with. Oh well, these experiences add to the funny tales to tell your grandkids one day!

This lovely girl did say she loved to cook, and considering I mentioned my slow cooker in my ad on, I think we'll make for great kitchen buddies!

So, in readiness for the new housemate, I've painted the family room, the spare room, my room and the little foyer. I've tidied and hung my mirror (which I think I'm going to dismantle and just rest on the mantlepiece instead - Dad's going to kill me for all the trouble he went to to hang it!) and have nearly finished collecting pieces for my cluster wall.

One of my next priorities I think is to get my Poppa's chairs recovered. They're still in great condition, but I'm not sure what to do with them. I was thinking pink and white thick stripes a la Black and Spiro style for one . . .

and black and white or green and white or mutlicolour floral for the other.

Kelly Green Interiors

Marilyn by Rubie Green


Loving Rubie Green and Oliveaux and Absolutely Fabulous Things and Kelly Green Interiors for inspiration!


Letitia Linke said...

Kate, those chairs will come up beautifully! I LOVE any of those fabric choices just depends on what else is in the room?

Kate said...

Hmm, not much else! It's a slow and steady process on a very tight budget! Time to swap the shoes and handbags for cushions and frames!

Emma said...

Hello bella! I wish I could move in with you but unfortunately I'm having to stay at home, just me and my parents and my no money!!!
I love the green trellis pattern, and the stripes come to think of it! I have a staple gun if you need any help xxx