Thursday, September 29, 2011

The (duck) icing on the cake

While this bridesmaid has hung up her bouquet for the time being, she's well and truly gearing up for baby season.

Is there something in the water? EVERYONE'S having babies at the moment! It's so exciting, I'm incredibly clucky and revelling in the baby glow that's taken over my friends and family.

The first baby shower of the season was Sam's - pictured above with me on her wedding day. Feels like only yesterday and then here we are, celebrating the impending arrival of her little one! How time flies.

We wished her well with a lovely shower at her Mum's house - complete with arts and crafts and baby games. It got very competitive indeed!

I went for the practical option with a 54 pack of nappies as my gift, but pimped it up with some little extras and a three tiered cake display.

I was up til midnight rolling the nappies the night before and snapped a few rubber bands along the way!

I bundled the nappies together in almost round layers (Winnie the Pooh design, cute!) with big rubber bands holding them together - starting from the inside, I slowly added extra layers to the outside, stretching the rubber band that little bit more with each addition.

And added in some little extras that will hopefully come in handy.

Bath ducky, baby sunscreen, apple and cinnamon baby food and a medicine spoon thingygmajig.

And ta-da! My delectable nappy cake!

Not long now Sam xo


Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

you are a darling friend miss kate, gorgeous pressie xx

Leah said...

Excellent crafting there! Its so true - I know about 7 ladies about to burst any minute.. it really is in the water at the moment!