Saturday, September 10, 2011

Get your gig on

It's so much fun when you spend your weekends doing something you wouldn't normally do.

Last Saturday, I dragged Sally and Tim to a gig with me. Gosh, that word sounds funny coming from my mouth.


Anyway, we headed into town to a venue called The Jade Monkey. And it's cool! Would make for a perfect party - a cool, eccentric, vintagey space.

Saw two very cool bands, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it - even thinking about buying their CD!

Luke Legs and the Midnight Specials kicked off the show in a folky, Irish kind of Mumford & Sons vibe, followed by Louise and the Tornadoes who could be compared to Florence and the Machine (but I'm no muso!). Louise (the soon to be sister in law of a dear friend of mine) has the most beautiful voice (and I lurved her pink jeans!!!)

It was fun to get my gig on!

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Gild and Grace said...

Ha! A couple of months ago hubby and I and a good friend of ours went to a 'gig' at a pub to see a rock band we all loved about 12 years ago. It was the first pub gig we'd been to in years but we had an absolute ball! Even went through the Maccas drive thru on the way home for old times sake :)
Abbey x