Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sing us a song

I was spending some quality time on the couch with Emma at The Loft last week (ie. watching the first episode of Glee with her!) but it wasn't the TV that had me lost for words.

Emma loaded me up with piles of 'vintage' Domino magazines and I found my happy place.

One of the houses that caught my eye was that of Katie Lee Joel.

Yes, ex-wife of the Piano Man himself.

Just look at those peonies and gorgeous vases!

The article was from 2008 but I managed to find an online story complete with virtual tour.

La Dolce Vita also featured pages from Town & Country Magazine.

This dressing room . . . I don't have words for it!

I'm a sucker for natural light . . .

And this kitchen! What I'd do with a double oven!

Beautiful cabinetry.

You can tell a serious foodie lives here.

Hello puppy!

Read all the details about this delightful home over at La Dolce Vita (quite possibly my new favourite blog).

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Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

All gorgeous Kate! I hope you are well. xx