Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going to the chapel

I love a wedding like fresh bread loves real butter; like a curry craves some rice; or a Pimms makes friends with cucumber.

So it was inevitable that the romantic in me would give way to temptation and finally accept Kristie and Andy's invitation to join them in Palm Cove to celebrate their wedding. This weekend.

Yep, I had a few too many drinks at the pub on Friday and booked the trip on my iPhone. Nothing like a spontaneous decision to make you feel alive!

So it's been a crazy week of fake tans, liquid diets and searching for the perfect dress. This body ain't ready for beach weather just yet!

Just wish me luck in the bouquet toss!



Anonymous said...

Awsome photo Kate, what a day so glad u were there to share it with us love Mr & Mrs Holmes xo

Kate said...

Mr & Mrs Holmes - has a nice ring to it! Thanks for including me in the fun, completely honoured to be part if your special day (and the celebrations surrounding it!). Still don't believe Andy and his electric ants ...