Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quote of the year

"You're in the vignette!"

Words from my friend Carla who spotted my Brisbane pics on Facebook. Hilarious!

She could tell from the iconic surrounds, that I was indeed lapping it up in the Black & Spiro studio.

Or as Kimberlee said . . .

"You look like the cat that got the cream!"

So many pretty parcels, all bundled up ready to be sent out from Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Emma and I enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon tea with Anna at Black & Spiro in New Farm.

Thanks to the fabulous Gill (friend from London), we knew who to turn to for delicious treats that would knock a local's socks off.

Jocelyn's Provisions in Fortitude Valley.

Apparently they're an iconic local bakehouse.

So good in fact, that we turned up with the passionfruit orange cake . . . while Anna surprised us with a bar of their chocolate cake.

Talk about good taste!

1 comment:

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

oh i love the 'snap' with the baked goods, great minds think alike!! seriously - you look so smitten, its classic! miss you lots bella xx