Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let there be light

My darling friend Jo loves a good DIY project.

I sat a mere five metres from her at my old job and we would regularly share blog finds, creative inspiration, dream homes and cooking tips.

Last year, our DIY focus was on her beautiful wedding - I was her Best Woman (a title I gave myself - Witness just wasn't snazzy enough!) and we had fun brainstorming decorating ideas.

Fast forward one year and Jo has turned her attention to redecorating their gorgeous townhouse.

Project 1: The lampshade

I see a piece of junk I'd walk past in an op shop, but Jo sees potential.

Let's go with it . . .

Good work Jo!

Fabulous addition to the black and white living room.

I hear they're auditioning for the next series of The Block, Jo!

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Tina Kent - Lady Chatterley's Affair said...

Hello Kate! Jo = clever friend. Love a good transformation. Do you have heaps of projects on the waiting list like this? I do. It is great to have found your blog! Would love to visit Adelaide too. lovT