Monday, August 15, 2011

Signed, sealed, delivered

Never has a pink and orange parcel excited me so much before.

I, like many other bloggers out there, eagerly counted down the weeks then days then hours until the highly anticipated launch of Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things.

And after all that waiting, I was able to get in quickly enough to secure a gorgeous vase.

Lucky for me, I was in Brisbane the weekend the online store opened, so was able to take my parcel home with me in my hot little hands.

Gorgeous packaging, tres impressed.

So, I snapped up the vintage Japanese vase from the Winter Vignette.

Gorgeous with camelias cut from my Granny's garden. Loving the pink and navy colour combo.

Can't wait til Spring!

1 comment:

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

gorgeous vase, and absolutely STUNNING photos - your little homey is looking gorgeous. love it xx