Friday, August 5, 2011

This little piggy . . .

There's nothing like a birthday to try out a new restaurant you've been hanging to visit for ages.

The Pink Pig is an Adelaide institution yet I'd never found a reason to stop by.

Kristie's birthday changed all that - she and her fiance Andy are newcomers to the Rad so I'm the self appointed tour guide for the delightful couple and suggested a Pink Pig outing - bibs and all!

Sally and Tim joined us on this sensory experience - forget about the cutlery, it was finger lickin' good!

 The Pink Pig is famous for their ribs and chicken wings so we dove in head first and ordered the 'Pink Pig Marriage'.

Friday nights they're also known for their 'Gigs at the Pig'. Gold.

The boys were in seventh heaven.

You've never seen so much meat.

And they managed to polish it all off. Chips and all.

Good work team!

Such a fun night out with new friends.

And the fun continues tonight with Kristie's Radelaide Hen's Night . . . we are East End bound.

Look out!


Anonymous said...

We are moving over to Adelaide from Cork (Irl) before Christmas... and I'm in 7th heaven reading your blog!!Breda

Kate said...

Oh Breda, that's such a lovely message, thank you. I hope I'm painting Adelaide in a good light. I loved cork when I was over in 2004, we were there for the jazz festival. Let me know if there's anything else you need to know about this fabulous city!