Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hole in the wall

I love a local haunt that's unearthed in the most random of places.

Flamingo Cafe is one such hole in the wall establishment that has popped up in a quiet alley off the backstreets of Fortitude Valley.

Yet another of the 'Best of Brisbane' spots that Anna introduced us to!

(Great coffee. And the peanut butter and choc muffins didn't look too bad either . . . oh, and the homemade sausage rolls. Mmmmmmm!)


Alecia @ Tchotchkes etc. said...

I have to say - Anna did a good job of showing you the best of our fair city :) the juices at flamingo are fab!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it! And my future shop was just down the alley - perfecto location...