Monday, August 13, 2012

An old friend

I don't want them to end!

The London Olympics have been wonderful (I just wish the time zone had been friendlier!)

I've been a mess watching the Olympians run around my old home town - I seriously had tears in my eyes watching the marathon the other night. Oh the memories! I pity anyone who watched with me . . .

"That's where I used to catch the bus! There's my old workplace! If you turn left at that intersection, you'll head towards my old house! I've had lunch on those lawns!"

Annoying commentary, yes!

I love the fact we've excelled in sports that otherwise wouldn't get much coverage - the sailing has been fantastic, hasn't it!? I wonder how many enquiries the sailing clubs across the country have received in this last week? 

As much as I would've loved to have done well in swimming  (if not only to have seen James Magnussen smile his beautiful smile more often!), I've enjoyed cheering on our heroes in the lesser known sports such as the 10k swim (ew, not sure I'd want to swim in that lake but HELLO Ky Hurst!) and the 50k walk (wiggle those hips, why don't you!)

I would've loved to have camped on the couch to watch the Closing Ceremony but alas, I've got to work up a sweat of my own at bootcamp.

Can't wait to see the Spice Girls in full swing!

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