Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mission accomplished

I did it! 

I finished Dry July in one piece (oh, that could be debated considering I'm currently lying on the couch sick as a dog - my workmate is convinced my body's in shutdown after going so long without grog!)

Regardless, I managed to raise $345 for the Hospital Research Foundation which is what it's all about.

Things I learnt over the month of Dry July:
Drunk people are really annoying - am I like that after a few drinks too?!
You can't expect to lose weight when you swap alcoholic beverages for chocolate . . . cakes . . . muffins . . . um, ice cream and milo straight from the tin
Drinking is a very expensive habit, I have never felt so rich than this last month!
It's really hard to stay up late when sober
I don't have the 'moves like Jagger' when clear of mind
Saturday mornings are really pretty and can be so productive - I hadn't seen them for a while!

Well done to anyone else who conquered this feat.

Here's cheers to you!


Squeak & Squirrel said...

Great work. On other important matters, I've just watched the spain v aus waterpolo match, and now the men's four rowing has come on. And I thought of you when I crawled out of bed at 4.30am to watch Maggie get pipped for gold. Devastated. x

Anonymous said...

I thought that looked familiar! Love your work! Was so great catching up Saturday've got another exciting one ahead! Have fun, looking forward to hearing all about it. Lib xxx