Thursday, August 9, 2012

For Like Where?

I need your help, people!
One of my most prized possessions is my For Like Ever framed poster that was my farewell present from my old work. Gosh they have good taste (that's you, Joanne!)

It's been moved around my little unit for the last two years with no permanent home.

I finally decided I had to do something with it when I had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and in a red wine daze, I walked into the table that was in front of the poster and smashed the glass to smithereens.

I know, I know, what was it doing behind a table?

So, where do you suggest?

Looks great above the couch. I think this is a front runner. But I don't have two windows for it to sit between. Can doorways have the same effect? This, I can do!

I do love it as part of a cluster wall, but I don't have a big enough wall for this to work.

I do have a fireplace but the question is, does it hang above . . . 

. . . or rest on the mantelpiece?

The floor is a very cool look.

I especially like how this is hidden behind a chair.

But I know I'd back into it and smash the glass again.

The layering effect could work for me . . . it can hide the scratches in the print from where the glass sliced it.


But again, a hazard on the floor don't you think?

Two yeas ago I had it above my bed but I thought that was bad juju. There's no way I want to be a single gal in that bed alone . . . For Like Ever. So it was taken down after a couple of months of well, drought.

So the bedroom is out.

But this looks so cool . . .

Anna Spiro does it so well. I could do a hall stand . . .

And here she's popped it in a nook - a cute feature of my own little house.

But visitors don't really see the nook. Unless they're on their way to the bathroom.

And it's kind of dark in there.

Back to the living room - this pic shows how it works even in the narrowest of wall spaces.

In my little shoebox of a home, I think I'm going to have to settle for something similar. Maybe just inside the front door?

Stay tuned - I might have a popular vote and take you on a tour of my home!


navy and orange said...

love this! great post, as ALWAYS!

xoxo navy & orange

Squeak & Squirrel said...

Maybe she'd like to be moved around and watch the world from different places... I think she'd like to begin her adventure propped up on the mantel... x

TINA KENT said...

oh gosh . . I can't get over the smashed glass! You muppet!!
I'm with Squeak & squirrel . . prop it on the mantel and layer up on the same mantel. Google a bit of Rita Konig for inspiration. Or what about near your pink couch- that'd be cool! And pics when she is happy in the spot please.

Kate said...

Okay, so she will be unveiled on the mantle this weekend, but what do I do with my big gold mirror that's currently up there? It's all too hard - how about I bribe you with bubbles and cupcakes and you all come over and sort it out for me? And bring Alice, T! Xxx

Kate said...

And Elizabeth, your Alice too! We can have a tea party, ha! Xxx