Thursday, August 23, 2012


Who's your pick this year?

I've been a fan of Farmer Nikko since his profile first appeared on the Farmer Wants a Wife website back in April. I know a good thing when I see it . . . 

Maybe I should've taken the plunge and applied again this year.

No! My mother would've disowned me. And I cringe at the thought of kissing someone on national TV. But the gorgeous Jo threw her hat into the ring with Farmer Rob and it turned out very well for her. To think, that could've been me doing an All Bran ad this season. But no, I accepted a job at a law firm instead. Sigh.

Anyone have any lovely eligible farmers they could introduce me to?


Anonymous said...

I so wish I did, would love you up here in the Mid North with me :) x

Kate said...

I have a suitcase and will travel! Hope you're keeping warm up there xo