Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twice the fun

I've been watching a lot of Olympics. Like, a lot.

And I am completely in lust with James Magnussen. He is a fine specimen. Oh, and he can swim pretty fast too.

And it suddenly dawned on me this afternoon, watching the re-run of his 100m semi for, hmm, the 5th time today, that he reminds me of my teenage crush Scott Speedman aka Ben from Felicity.

What do you think?


Kate said...

Scott Speedman is gorgeous. I used to love Felicity! You have inspired me to watch Hart of Dixie too :)Hope you are having a good week! Kate :)

Squeak & Squirrel said...

I hear you... Those eyes! And let's not overlook the form at the rowing either.... Unbelievable!!

Kate said...

Hart of Dixie is great, kate! Lemon is so OTT it's fabulous!

And the rowers, oh the rowers s&s! Have you seen the water polo team yet? Hello boys!!!

Gild and Grace said...

I'm seeing it Kate! I loved Scott Speedman too in Felicity. Those were the days... :)

Abbey x