Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spring in my step

Spring is in the air, can you feel it?

Went for a walk on the weekend to buy some supplies for winetime and struggled to find a bag suitable to carry my groceries home in.

Settled on my bagladies Adelaide bag (which I love because I can wear it over the shoulder) but it's a bit deep and hard to find your keys and phone at the bottom!

I dream of looking oh so effortlessly chic on my weekend shopping adventures. Like a Parisienne, with a baguette poking out the top of my shopping basket, plus a big bunch of flowers, possibly a bottle of bubbles . . . and even a little puppy if you so desire.

Enter Lady Chatterley's Affair and her totes gorge shopping baskets. AND they're environmentally friendly. Score.

I have ordered the pink one and am desperate for it to arrive so I can take it blossom hunting with me. Found some good solid trees on my weekend walk and it would feel far less criminal in the dark of the night with my scissors at the ready, if I had a pretty pink basket at my side!

Pics here and here


TINA KENT said...

oooh I do that too!! I don't think we are meant to tell people that we steal flowers Kate. Your pink basket is on it's way! Hopefully you'll have it by the wkd to fill full of blooms. Send me a photo of you being fabulous!
As always, thanks Kate!

skiourophile said...

I *love* that basket - gorgeous. Thanks for the link!

Kate said...

Maybe 'stealing' is too strong a word, T. Perhaps 'taking advantage of nature's bounties' is better? Will def send through pics once I'm loaded up and looking decidedly preppy for my market visit!

Skiourophile, get on board!!!