Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's have a ball

When's the last time you had fun for fun's sake? Not for a wedding, or 21st or engagement or Christening. Just for fun!? Well, Emma and I packed up the car and headed to the country on the weekend for just that - some serious fun. 

It's amazing what some fresh air will do for your soul!

Packing was difficult as we were heading to a black tie ball in a wine shed. Fun, yes, but cold, yes!!!

I settled on my favourite bridesmaid dress (thanks Jo Jo) with neon pink accessories (thanks Kimbo!)

The new yellow jacket also made an appearance for the daytime activities.

And see my pretty new pillowcases from Bowerbird Bazaar. I know, they're pink. So?

We had a great drive over to the Yorke Peninsula with the Dixie Chicks providing the perfect soundtrack. When in Rome . . .

First stop was in with our old blogger friend, Letitia Linke of The White Shed.

And look what we found when searching for her farm?

A big white bow, gorge!

Letitia took Em and me for a little farm tour and turned on the country charm like you wouldn't believe.

Her house is every bit as beautiful in real life as it is in pictures. Even better. I was blown away by how perfect it was, not a thing out of place. 

We enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon tea with her raspberry friands and my lemon drizzle cake (that was a disaster - would've helped if I had measuring implements in my kitchen and didn't have to guess quantities!). Really good coffee too.

The weather was just perfect!

Love love loving my new neon yellow jacket. Felt very patriotic!

And here it is, THE White Shed. Yes, the one and only!

Teesh's hubby and gorgeous little boys were at the bike track but called in at home to say hi before we left. They are DARLINGS! And apparently we made quite the impression, ha!

With sore bellies from laughing and eating too much, Emma and I trotted off to beautify ourselves for the ball, and leave Teesh to get ready for the big night also.

We had so much fun, dancing, drinking and making new friends.

And there was a photo booth. Awesome.

All smiles on the bus ride home . . .

And then we woke up to this stunning view of Tiddy Widdy Beach Sunday morning.

Hard life, hey?

Totally spoilt by Jo and Greg who kicked out their kids to put us up for the night and then treated us to a yummy hot breakfast (hangover, what hangover!?).

We drove back to the city completely rejuvenated . . . and contemplating full time life in the country. If only we'd met our Farmers . . .

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TINA KENT said...

yellow jacket = fantastic! It looks great with your dark hair. I have my eye on the floral one at SEED at the moment . . .but I have my eye on so much it's just not going to happen!