Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brekky bites

So I've just downloaded the blogger app on my iPhone and am having a play with it while I watch the same Olympic wrap up for the third time. Apologies if it's a bit random, the features are limited!

Oh the joys of daytime tv when you're home sick! I love love love the olympics but mark nicholas's Olympic gold segment is not as exciting the second time.

Did you get up early for the opening ceremony?

I was up at 4.30am making blueberry muffins so that they'd be hot out the oven when Emma arrived. I ate my way through the day, totally delirious with exhaustion, only magnified by a scary late night drive home from the Barossa in the thickest of fogs. It was scary!

I felt hungover (without a single drink!) and cranky all weekend - I have a newfound respect for mums with bubs!

But back to the food ... my signature corn fritters came out to play for the opening ceremony.

And so did ham and cheese croissants, complete with green and gold cutlery!!! Merci l'aguiole!

Looking forward to lots more late nights on the couch over the next fortnight.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Respect.

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Our opening ceremony snacks weren’t nearly as delicious as yours (those sweetcorn fritters look divine)!