Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bastille Day


Welcome to breakfast at L'atelier de Monsieur Truffe.

One minute you're walking along a cold, wet street in funky Brunswick, feeling a little worse for wear after making good use of your Golden Ticket the night before . . . 

. . . and the next your friend pushes you through an unassuming red door and you're whisked away into the most unexpected world of deliciousness.

Let me take you back to last weekend when Lill treated me to a Bastille Day gastromic experience of French proportions.

Monsieur Truffe is known for its chocolates - even producing them on site behind a glass viewing screen (check out the cool red machinery!) - but its extended menu is what floated my boat.

I didn't know where to start - savoury vs sweet breakfast options (I know, it throws me every time) or do I venture into the lunch menu? And what about the specials of the day?

 I needed something hearty after shaking my booty at Mr McClelland's Finishing School the night before and knew we were in for another large night taking advantage of my second Gold Ticket.

So I chose the chorizittos with spiced beans and a poached egg on sourdough. Wowzers. Totes hit the spot.

Lill and I swapped half way through so I got to try her croque monsieur that was seriously out of this world. Glad I only had half. Oh la la.

We also got chatting to a friendly German/American girl at our bench and she had the avocado, persian fetta, vine ripened tomatoes and basil on olive bread. Tres bien.

Other interesting menu items included eggs cooked in a jar complete with truffles, and pork ribs with slaw.

My only regret is eating so much that I couldn't fit in one of their famous hot chocolates. Guess I'll have to head back again . . .

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Pip Boydell said...

Oh Kate - only one word, YUM! xx

Kate said...

It was out of this world, Pip! I could move to Melbourne . . . if only it had the weather of Brisbane! xo

Anonymous said...

Nice t shirt xx gemmal

TINA KENT said...

Ok so I'm sitting here sipping instant coffee & eating leftover Vegemite toast (off the floor mind you) and wishing one of my friends would push me through that door!! Sounds like u had the best time Kate! LovT

Kate said...

Lucky I had a trusty shopping partner to help me find a good tee, Gemmal! Wearing it again today, in fact! xoxo

Kate said...

I have the best of friends, T! Lucky they all like food as much as I do! Where most people visit Melbs for the shopping, I head for the fresh food markets and restaurants!

Bet you make a good vegemite toast x

Kate said...

Kate, I am so envious. Looks like you had a fab time - I LOVE Melbourne. Have been catching up on some blogging today and as usual, have loved your blog. You are a clever chickadee!

P.S. Who are these immaculately dressed American's on the blog "Classy girls wear pearls".
It is like a real life Ralph Lauren campaign. Do people really live and dress like this all the time? They are all so gorgeous and youthful! :)

Kate x