Friday, July 6, 2012


I love finding a new foodie blog. Especially one that masters the art of the written word as well as the beauty of great styling and photography.

Roost is my new favey.

Check out Coco's beautiful use of the English language . . .

"So now as I write these words in the dark of the night, the crickets coo their mellifluous lullabies while the cold, bitter air lures me back under the billowy down. I close my eyes, allowing my thoughts to slowly slip away leaving my mind void and still.  I drift into a dreamless night anticipating the tranquil dawn that will come all too soon."

It's poetry! Reminds me of how Nigella expresses her love of food and cooking.

Think I'm going to have to try those crispy thyme zucchini fries. . .

And make sure you check out Coco's pinterest - it's a beautifully curated collection full of so much inspiration.

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