Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home theatre

Loved my latest issue of Vogue Living and was especially taken by this Italian transformation of a turn-of-the-century theatre into a modern loft.

All that light, it's just gorgeous!

Got me thinking of how I love high ceilings and a sense of grandeur.

And also how much I love it when a 'venue' is used in the most unexpected fashion. Like a church for a home, or an old tomato tin for a herb planter.

This recycled theatre concept is used beautifully in Adelaide at One Rundle Trading Co.

Those ceilings are just beautiful. Really adds to the shopping experience.

I'd love to set up a tea house in such an establishment - like The Tea Room in Sydney's QVB. Just gorgeous.

Cucumber sandwiches, citrus tarts, scones and jam and cream . . .

On that note, anyone for a cuppa? (My drink of choice during Dry July!)

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