Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ring my bluebellgray

This cushion business is really throwing me in to a spin.

Emma from White & Wander sent through some wonderful suggestions for my hot pink and white couches and I'm slowly chipping away and buying one cushion every pay packet or so. I was also very lucky to receive some gorgeous additions to my collection for my birthday.

Emma's palm inspired find was so 'en vogue' this month - literally! One of the first stories in the latest issue of Vogue Living raved about how 'in' tropical inspired palms are!

She is a clever little cookie, that one!

I really have to love each and every cushion I buy and am concerned I'm being a bit too 'formula' and there's not enough contrast in my collection. Everything's quite bold and graphic and I should really pay more attention to the stories Em's created. Give credit to mis-matched perfection, experiment with clashing. Be brave!

But the Taurean in me is stubborn and when I'm on to something, I stick with it!

Anyway, I've stumbled across Bluebellgray who has shaken things up a bit. Softer edges, muted palettes, dreamy florals. Quite different to the spots and stripes I've been attracted to.

Aren't they divine?

And lucky me . . . I get paid tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Stunning! I love the blue Chinese (or Japanese?) one. I am such a blue and white chick though - um, in my head. I have whole rooms decordated in my head, just unfortunately I don't own those rooms, and the rooms I do own, sadly un-decorated! But that cushion is fetching! Happy pay day xxxflavs x

Anonymous said...

Just wondering where the palm print cushion is from, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! You're very sweet for saying such nice things. I LOVE these new ones you've found... that last water coloured darling is just amazing.

Kate said...

The palm print cushion is from etsy, love it!