Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's behind the Red Door?


Hello Christmas!

Red Door Bakery has opened in my 'hood!

I'm so excited, you haven't tasted pastries until you've tried Red Door.

They're a bit of a new Adelaide institution - making a name for themselves at pop up markets and in the groovy industrial 'burbs. Seriously, check out the lineup out the front door. There were all cleaned out by 1.45pm. Talk about popular!

Their sausage rolls are out of this world. Hay Valley lamb and Moroccan eggplant brilliance. And the classic Berkshire free range pork and sage is a winner too.

And the pies, ooooh the pies. They're not your stock standard sort. Sure, they've nailed the traditional beef but do yourself a favour and try the chorizo, chicken and white bean or the beef, shiraz and mushroom (and I don't even like mushroom!). The pastry is something else, buttery and flaky. And perfect.

And the sweets deserve a post all of their own. Wow.

I tried out the new digs on Saturday with my gorgeous GS (that's Godson Maxie) and his fam. We bought a little bit of everything so we could sample it all.

They were sold out of their first batch so we had to wait for the next lot to come out of the oven. While we waited, we snacked on pizza that was awesome - they folded it in half and toasted it so it was deliciously crispy on the outside. I think it was a Greek lamb special with yummy minted yoghurt.

A good start.

We tried each of the pies I listed above plus the pork sausage roll. No holding back there!

We also loaded up on a plate of sweets to share.

The chocolate brick with salted caramel is out of this world. You should see the oozy middle collapse when you bit in. Heavenly!

We also had a Belgium chocolate and hazelnut tart, lemon curd tart and banana and caramel muffin.

Zara the butterfly was in her element (I'm just glad there wasn't a picture of me stuffing my gob!)

We walked away with a stunning spiced fruit sourdough and caramelised and chorizo bread stick. And to think we didn't even sample a quarter of the menu!

Oh stop it. I can't talk about the goodness anymore! Just get yourself there . . . and don't forget the original Croydon home! If you're lucky, they'll also make an appearance at the next Bowerbird Bazaar.


Anonymous said...

We need to go here Kate on the weekend I'm down next...you know how much I love a pastry product!! Yummo!! Xx

Anonymous said...

Um, hello from a dessert addict, this is a must next time we catch up in town! We'd better get the diaries together soon Kate, sounds amazing! Lib xx

All we ever wanted said...

Ahh where is this new RDB you speak of?! The creme brulee tarts are actual heaven!