Friday, May 30, 2014

Scaly fun

I posted this pic on Instagram and was so surprised by the response I got from it!

I have a lot of phobias, and I thought I was scared of snakes, but apparently not as much as most of my friends! One mate even threatened to disown me (yes, Sally!)

It got me thinking, what am I scared of?

Birds, yes, to a degree.

The dark. Yep, I talk myself into an absolute frenzy. Thank goodness for the torch function on iPhones these days.

Heights. Only since we climbed Ayers Rock when I was in Year 7 and I cried the whole way down.

And yes, mice, spiders and the like. Cats even.

But nothing too dramatic.

Oh hang on. I am scared I'm going to die alone and be eating by alsatians, Bridget Jones style. 

Yes, now THAT is a real fear.

I'm reading the third book in the series now and LOVING it. She speaks to me. 

TGIF friends!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Get the tissues

I cried in the previews for this, I can only imagine what a mess I'll be in the actual movie.

Who's read the book?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

When Love Comes to Town

Are you loving When Love Comes to Town as much as me?

Okay, so it's a bit cringeworthy but good on those girls! I don't have the guts to do it . . . a friend of mine actually nominated me for the show and the producers called her up . . . but nothing ever eventuated.

I was also in the running for another reality tv show just recently - I had a screen test and everything - but the truth is, I don't want to be on reality TV. I just want to find a bloke!

So I got the shock of my life when I saw an ex-boyfriend of mine's best mate on the ad for When Love Comes to Town.

Alfy, you could've saved us both the trouble (and years of searching!) and just given Josh my number!

Who is your favourite country bloke? Mum has a soft spot for Tom. I don't think I would've got off the bus just yet . . .

Friday, May 23, 2014


So I tried something different, and I think it struck a chord.

It was more of a 'Kate take on different' (I sort of caved, Lill!) but it proved that even the slightest change can generate different results.

And it did. I think.

Try something different today. Just a small tweak, and see if the result is different. Your sanity is worth it.


Update 24 May: It's not different at all! They're all the same!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


One of my favourite songs is Sia's hauntingly beautiful latest hit 'Chandelier'. I have to admit I thought it was Rihanna when I first heard it. Her voice is so distinctive though, and I love the vulnerability or something of it (did that sound like I knew what I was talking about it).

And yes, the fact Sia is from the Rads is very cool. One of my best friends at school was a Sia so I'm a big fan of the name - and of course, her roots!

My love for the song has just gone up a notch now that I've seen her music video . . .

I was gobsmacked when I saw this and then read on to find out the dancer in the clip is only 11 years old.

What on earth?! She's incredible! The film clip is brilliant, I wonder if it's been taken all in the one 'take'.

Maddie Ziegler is apparently a bit of a superstar in the US - she's on a TV Show called Dance Moms. I think it's on Foxtel here but I'm not all that familiar with it. I'm sure I'd love it though, given this talent (and the title suggests it'd have a few diva mums, my kind of show!)

Here's Maddie performing live with Sia on the Ellen show. Ah-mazing.

Gemma, I thought you'd like this one especially xx

Monday, May 19, 2014

Yu are the best

Yu have changed my life.

Yes Yu. No, not you. Yu.

Meet my new favourite lipstick. The pink colour is perfect and the pencil goes on like a dream.

My friend Melissa gave me Yu for my birthday and I in turn gave Yu to my Mum for Mother's Day.

It's a totally different pink on her - quite hot pink on me, but dark pink on Mum.

It's a winner. But really, when has anything Nars ever not been a winner?

Yu complete me.

However, when I'm going on a date, I do steer clear of pink lippy. Just in case, you know, as my Mum would say, I "get lucky"

So I've found myself adopting a love of nudes lately, a la Kim Kardashian. Have been rocking the Chanel Rouge Allure 'Indecise' like a boss lately. Thanks for the introduction, JB.

Makes me sound quite active in the dating stakes, doesn't it?

If only it were true . . .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Magical Mary

Love them. Adore them. Smitten with then. The Danish Royal Family, that is.

Especially 'our Mary'.

Ten years of marriage and look at them now. Those children are beyond gorgeous. And I love that they're part Aussie!

I'm a Marketing girl. I have brown hair. I'm practically Mary, let's be honest. So why are the boys I speak to in pubs total jerks and not Danish Princes?! What is your secret Mary? 

Did you see their other anniversary portraits? Stunning.

I want what she's having!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Putting the fun in run

We did it! 

Bree and I conquered our first 8km run in the 2014 Mother's Day Classic on Sunday.

I am so proud of our efforts - I ran the whole way without stopping and even mastered the Anderson Street Hill. I think I even overtook someone at some stage! That NEVER happens!

It was an early start on Sunday and I was sick with nerves, but Bree and I got into our zone, talked about random things (like my date on Friday night) and cranked up the beats (Florence and the Machine was a fave as well as Daft Punk. And Zac Brown Band for a bit of country!).

I am not a natural born runner. I don't have a natural technique and I look like such an unco, but Bree fired me up a few weeks ago and made me believe that I could do it. She is so determined and inspiring and I'm glad I've got her to give me the kick up the bum when I need it. Luckily, we run at the same pace and it's so nice to have that constant to your right. Makes the hour fly and full of fun.

We smashed it in less than an hour (it's not about the time, people, it's about the achievement) and are looking forward to our next fun run.

Who would've thought!?

Friday, May 9, 2014


TGIF friends!

It's been a good week, and it's going to be a great weekend.

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite TV characters Lemon Breeland and am going to reeeelax this weekend. I might get a manicure and sleep in and watch some catch up TV. I might even do some blogging - shock horror!

On the more active side, I'm also taking part in the Field of Women on the MCG on Saturday, and running the Mother's Day Classic with the fabulous and inspirational Bree. That girl can run. And I kind of 'joggle'. So it's going to be interesting. I've never run 8km in my life #whatwasithinkingsigningup?

Luckily I have my new iPhone arm band so I can look the part on Sunday. And I have some hot pink shorts I might pull out. Or not. Let's not scare the other runners. Stick with black Kate. Black is safe, black is slimming. Hot pink earrings will be enough.

I have also just received the gorgeous Adore book (the birthday celebrations continue!) from my friend Kelly and it's sensational, can't wait to flick through the colour on the weekend. Looking forward to the launch party on Thursday! Then we're all signed up for the Adore Shopping Tour next weekend, can't wait!

Wish me luck on my run!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May I have this one week

It's May! Hoorah for one of my favourite months of the year.

 I love it for a number of reasons:
- My Mum's maiden name is May
- May is my niece's middle name (Ruby May, isn't it the sweetest?!)
- My birthday is in May
- Dad's birthday is in May
- There are some gorgeous autumn days in May
- It reminds me of New York
- It's Mother's Day and I can disguise something I really want as a present for Mum! (Case and point with the Windsor High Tea Voucher for two I suggested Dad buy her for her recent birthday. It's in Melbourne so I guess she'll have to take me!)

Is that enough?

It's been a whole year since my 30th birthday celebrations with my parentals in New York. How time flies.

The pic above is of me and Mum on the High Line on my birthday (this coming Saturday, people!). Look at us rocking the pink lippy (that one's for you, Tina!). Take. Me. Back.

I love birthdays. I know lots of people who shy away from them, but as Janet on the Real Housewives of Melbourne put it: "Birthdays are great, if you're not having them any more, it means you're dead"

Mensa candidate, that one.

Anyway, I'm indulging in a typically Kate birthday festivus this week. A friend told me I was OTT and expecting too much from my friends, but people, it's a choose your own adventure. Join in as much as you want, or just stay out of my way if you're not in the mood.

In a time of missing airplanes, tropical cyclones and rugby players becoming paralysed, I think a little happiness is allowed. I don't have Valentine's Day, anniversaries, baby's cuddles or simple things like a kiss when I get home from work, so I'm going to cash in on my birthday. 

It kicked off on Sunday with a great top of the table win by Port Power. Then I saw Sam and Kochie at Southbank on my Monday morning walk. I made chocolate hot cross bun bread and butter pudding for my housemates on Tuesday night (recipe to come, stay tuned). Then my work birthday morning tea was yesterday. Today is very low key, best sort out something to do. Tomorrow night is birthday drinks with friends and then Saturday is a cracker. My housemate is taking me out for breakfast, then dear Flavs is taking me out for a pedi and lunch. Perfection. Dinner is at a Moroccan restaurant with my nearest and dearest in Melbourne.

So readers (all three of you), please let me have my week of indulgence and self-importance. It's nearly over. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Love from your spoilt friend xx