Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday boy

Sam, Mum and me admiring Granny's gorgeous Christmas tree in 1986

Sam and me with Dad. Gosh, he used to have a good head of hair!

Sam (in the yellow) with me and our cousins. I LOVED my outfit!

Happy birthday to my little brother, Sam!

You know you're old when you start saying things that begin with 'I remember when . . .' but I can't help it!

I remember when I was the 'big girl', the grown up, the more mature one . . .

And now here he is, 27 today and all growed up - complete with gorgeous wife, great job, big family home, three dogs, caravan and a perfect baby daughter.

And I have a hangover.

How times change!

Happy birthday Sambo xo

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