Thursday, January 5, 2012

A day on the high seas

What better way to sign off your Christmas holidays than with a gorgeous day on the high seas?

The fabulous Sally and Tim played Captain and Crew for Kimberlee and myself last week with a fun-filled afternoon on their boat, Salambao

Oh, and don't forget Able Seadog Wally. Good boy.

We ate and drank ourselves silly with yummy sandwiches (yes of course, the classic chicken sandwich was on the menu, plus Christmas ham and wholegrain mustard, and smoked salmon with cucumber and cream cheese) as well as cheese and dips and wine spritzers and bellinis and zucchini burgers.

Best. Day. Of Summer.

Oh, and I wore my seasick bracelets. And felt fine. Yay for me!


Anonymous said...

What are these seasick bracelets? I get awful seasickness (even while scuba diving... underwater... awful) and all that's helped so far is Antimo, an Indonesian travel sickness tablet that doesn't make you drowsy (it may have speed in it, I don't know).

Please share!!

xx Amy (from uni... hope the sofa is holding up!)

Kate said...

Amy! Love the sofa! It's got a gorgeous new and very bright hot pink cover on it, fits into the room perfectly!

Jump on board the acupressure bracelets! They're the best! There are lots of brands, I got mine ten years ago from a chemist in Melbourne (after throwing up the whole way on the plane) but Sally just bought her own pair last week. Just google 'acupressure wrist bands'. Works on planes, buses, boats . . . everywhere!

Hilarious re Antimo - I thought you were talking about AdCon Antimo when I first read it!

Lovely to hear from you x