Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pears and Bears

There's something about American fashion.

You guys just do 'classic' and 'preppy' and 'fun' so well!

Emma found this amazing designer for me and it was love at first sight.

Am currently trying to work out how to ship internationally.

Heart doing somersaults over that geometric frill shirt dress.


Brooke said...

If you figure out the international shipping please let me know, I want the frill shirt dress too!

TINA KENT said...

same! The Abster at Gild & Grace is all over it. p.s she doesn't know I call her The Abster!!
Its called Hop Shop Go. She does it . . I just talk about it. lovT

Gild and Grace said...

Ha! Classic Tina! I have been called the Abster in my time along with many other variations :) And she's right - I use Be warned though Kate - very dangerous! You can get just about anything :)

Abbey x